Check out the following anthologies that feature my short fiction.

Black Candies: The Eighties

Featuring 23 stories of analog horror that slice through the late-night whirr of VHS, the big hair, and the neon parties to prove that nostalgia is the real murderer behind the mask.

My story, "Tape Recorder," is a ghost story, a sister story, and my first fictions story to appear in print.

Tape Recorder was also included in Listen with the Lights Off, a podcast created in collaboration between So Say We All and La Jolla Playhouse beginning in October 2020.

Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Volume 5

An anthology of 24 stellar science fiction stories for girls, boys, and robots of all ages. 
My story, “The Lighthouse,” is a rumination on what the explorers of the future will need when they already have equipment to tell them where the rugged cliffs are. I based the grandfather in this story on my own Grandad, who always welcomed me into his workshop and listened to what I had to say. This is also the first YA material I ever had published!

Ye Olde Magick Shoppe: Stories of Magic for Sale

Enter Ye Olde Magick Shoppe, a place of wonder, thrills and chills. Experience eleven short stories and one novella from both new and award-winning authors, built around the sale of magic from many different perspectives.

This is such a fun collection of stories, all based around that reliable old trope, the mysterious, magical shop that somehow has exactly what you need. In my story, "An App for That," I put a nice modern twist on an old classic.

Two Sisters Second Annual Anthology

The second annual anthology from Two Sisters Writing and Publishing press that features writers from around the world.
My short story, “Younger,” was the winner of the Two Sisters Writing and Publishing bi-monthly flash fiction contest. The theme in July 2018 was “Time Warp Science Fiction.”

The Toilet Zone

Compiled and edited by the grand master of 80's schlock horror, Bret McCormick, each one of this collection of 32 terrifying tales is just the perfect length for a visit to the smallest room.

My story, "Keepsakes," is a ghost story that reminds us that things are haunted as much as places- and sometimes they haunt each other. Forgive me for the “family moves into the new house” horror trope and give this one a try.

Ink Stains, Volume 12

Our family and friends are the only things that stand between us and a frightening and dangerous world. But what if members of the “fam” aren’t quite what they seem on the surface? In the twelfth volume of Ink Stains, we explore the secret hostilities and inner demons that lie beneath the seeming calm waters of those we love the most.
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